Graduate Student Research Opportunities


Advanced Semiconductor Technology Facility

If interested, contact:

Dr. Alan Doolittle

208 Pettite MiRC Building

Phone & Fax: 404 894-9884

Two Graduate student positions

are currently available.  Contact Dr. Doolittle for information

Research & Employment Opportunities

Graduate Student (GRA)

Undergraduate Student (UROP for course credit)


Employment Opportunity:

· Currently seeking undergraduate assistance for a few hours a week.  Tasks to be performed include simple cleanup and organization of clean room facilities, and installation and validation of new experimental equipment.  Exceptional students may participate in research activity after a trial period.  Seeking sophomore or early junior.  Hourly pay commensurate with Georgia Tech undergraduate pay scales with 6-10 hours a week expected work load.  DO NOT EVEN APPLY IF YOUR CLASS LOAD PREVENTS THIS TYPE OF TIME COMMITMENT.


For Course Credit (UROP):


Computer Programming Related

· Development of a Web Database for Scientific Conference support


Laboratory Equipment Development

· Laser film stress monitor (considered difficult skill level)


Electronics Projects Related (Design, fabrication and testing)


· Labview Recipe Automation Project for epitaxy system

· Stepper motor based  precision substrate rotation system for epitaxy system

· 2D Solar cell computer model project


· Lower Priority Projects:

· Anti-log amplifier for a capacitance manometer

· Phase Lock Loop (PLL) circuit for detailed RHEED analysis

· PWM Power controller for a rapid thermal annealer (1500 watts)

· The following electronic design modules are meant to interface with each other through a computer interface.  Each design is meant for a 2 semester cycle with the 1st semester being design, and simulation with the 2nd semester being implementation (PCB design, assembly) and testing.

· Power MOSFET power supply—Initial design, simulation and thermal analysis 35V—35 Amps

· Digital Communications (RS485 or USB) to Digital to Analog Converter module

· Digital Communications (RS485 or USB) to Analog to Digital Converter module

· Digital Communications (RS485 or USB) to Digital Input/Output module

· Electrometer module

Last Updated:  May 13, 2020

Undergraduate student positions

Contact Dr. Doolittle for information