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During my research career I have observed “new” material systems develop and offer promise of wondrous device performance improvements over the current state of the art.  Many of these promises have been kept, resulting in numerous new devices that could never have been dreamed of just a few short years ago.  Other promises have not been fulfilled, due, in part, to a lack of understanding of the key limitations of these new material systems.  Regardless of the material in question, one fact remains true:  Without a detailed understanding of the electrical and optical interaction of electronic and photonic “particles” with the material and defect environment around them, novel device development is clearly impeded.  It is not just a silicon world!  Modern electronic/optoelectronic device designs (even silicon based devices) utilize many diverse materials, including mature dielectrics such as silicon dioxide/nitrides/oxynitrides, immature ferroelectric oxides, silicides, metal alloys, and new semiconductor compounds.  Key to the continued progress of electronic devices is the continued development of a detailed understanding of the interaction of these materials and the defects and limitations inherent to each material system.  It is my commitment to insure that new devices are continuously produced based on complex mixed family material systems.

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