Graduate Student Research Opportunities

at the

Advanced Semiconductor Technology Facility

If interested, contact:

Dr. Alan Doolittle

208 Pettite MiRC Building

Phone & Fax: 404 894-9884

See Dr. Doolittle for Availability.  Interested Students Need to Have Aptitude for Working With Their Hands.

Graduate Student Assistant (GRA)

Undergraduate Student (UROP for course credit)

Undergraduate Employment

Employment Opportunity:

· Currently seeking undergraduate assistance for a few hours a week.  Tasks to be performed include simple cleanup and organization of clean room facilities, and installation and validation of new experimental equipment.  Exceptional students may participate in research activity after a trial period.  Seeking sophomore or early junior.  Hourly pay commensurate with Georgia Tech undergraduate pay scales with 6-10 hours a week expected work load.  DO NOT EVEN APPLY IF YOUR CLASS LOAD PREVENTS THIS TYPE OF TIME COMMITMENT.


For Course Credit (UROP):


Computer Programming Related

· Development of a Web Database for Scientific Conference support


Laboratory Equipment Development

· Various


Electronics Projects Related (Design, fabrication and testing)

· Various

Undergraduate student positions

Contact Dr. Doolittle for information

Research & Employment Opportunities

Dr. Alan Doolittle

208 Pettite MiRC Building


777 Atlantic Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30332-0250

Phone & Fax: 404 894-9884

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